For When You Feel Foggy

We all have those days, or weeks, or sometimes even months where everything feels a bit not real and foggy and weird, and all you want is everything to stop for a second so that you can take inventory on everything thats going on and get your head around it all. These are the things I like to do to get my head back above water, and I thought they might be able to help someone.

Take a bath with something that smells strong and amazing. Sitting in the warm water with a strong smell just helps me feel a bit more real and definitely soothes me too, and its a good time to read a book or watch a TV show (If you’re not too scared to take electrical into the bathroom) just to let your mind sort of escape for a bit.

Try some breathing exercises. When I feel foggy I often also feel a lot of anxiety so going on google and finding some calming breathing exercises is very, very helpful and helps to make my head feel a bit less full of everything.

Watching positive vlogs on youtube is something I do a lot when I don’t feel right in someway. Some of the you tubers I watch are people I’ve been watching since I was eleven or twelve so watching them go about their normal lives or do something positive/happy makes me feel a lot better since its similar to watching a friend do something that makes them happy.

I also like watching mindless TV where I can be occupied while still thinking. I watch a lot of comedy for this, lots of things with Rik Mayall or Greg Davies in since they’re my favourites but also quiz type shows like 8 Out Of 10 Cats and The Big Fat Quiz of Everything which are hilarious without you having to pay them too much attention.

Finally, if you’re able to, I love just sitting outside with a cuppa and sorting out my brain a bit. Its not the best thing to do at the minute since its so cold, but if you layer up and time it so you’re not sat in the rain or snow it can be quite nice.



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