An Instagram Update

Since I’m doing these more regularly, they’re going to be a bit shorter than they used to be, especially since I haven’t posted on there as much this week, but I really like these and like the idea of having a small weekly online scrapbook type thing of how this year goes for me! So, before I ramble on for too long, I’m going to get straight into the pictures!

I bought this patch on Ebay for about a pound and I needed to show it off. I think its hilarious and of course, anything that contains an X-Files reference is something I can definitely get behind. I haven’t gotten round to putting it on my back pack yet but I can’t wait to do it, my back pack is essentially a mood board of everything I enjoy so I’m super excited to have something on there that has my love for The X-Files and my most recently thought thought while out in public on it.


I spent about two days of this week as a blonde! It’s mostly blue/turquoise/my natural colour now, which I much prefer, but this was definitely fun (not for my hair, I cut about two inches off the second I finished bleaching it). I think I definitely want to go fully blonde now at some point, which kind of scares me!


Basically, if I think the sky looks cool I will 100% take a picture of it, and next doors yard is somehow super over grown (I mean like really, its a tiny concrete yard, how does this even happen?), and I’m basically just the kind of person that takes pictures of plants and the sky.

As you all know, Jodie is my actual child and if I can get a picture of her or Allie with their little tiny pink baby tongue sticking out, I will always grab that chance. Look at it. I love it so much and then you can touch it and they pull it in like they didn’t even realise it was sticking out and its just so adorable my heart melts out of my kneecaps.

Again, pictures of the sky is my thing and I was just in such a great mood that day, I wanted to post something expressing how happy I was (obviously that doesn’t relate to the actual picture of a stormy sky!) and this was the nicest picture in my film roll.

So, there you go! That was my week presented to you via instagram!



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