Why I LOVE Plants!

For as long as I have had my own place away from my parents, I have had my windowsills filled with plants. My mum always had lots of different plants around the house when I was a kid so I think it was and is just how my mind thinks a home should look, plus I’m rubbish at finishing a cup of tea and my mums always told me that cold tea is great for plants. Most of mine are still alive so I assume thats true.

I also feel like they make a room feel bigger, brighter and more alive. I’m not super into science so I don’t know all the numbers and logistics, but we all know that plants take in CO2 and give our oxygen so I feel like plants make the air in a room feel a bit cleaner. They probably don’t, but I feel like they do and I’ll take a nice feeling over science any day.

You can’t forget too that a lot of plants eventually flower, and theres nothing nicer than watering one in the morning and realising that its got a bright pink bud that’s going to become a beautiful flower really, really soon.

Having plants also gives me some routine and structure, I water them every other afternoon while whatever I’m having for lunch is cooking and its just a nice few minutes that I spend going around the house with a jug and making sure nothings dead or dying, and if something is dead or dying I immediately phone my mum to ask what I’m doing wrong.

You might have noticed thats the second time I’ve mentioned my mum here and thats because its really my mum thats made me love plants so much. I have so, so many lovely memories of gardening with her or going around the house helping to water her many, many plants. The simple act of caring for a plant is so comforting and somewhat rewarding and its a thing I really like having in my life.



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