Prepare For Your Next Wedding Invite With This Advice!

Getting a wedding invite through the post can be really exciting. You’ve been invited to share a special day with people you are close to, so it’s a great time to celebrate and really let your hair down. This guide will help you to prepare for your next wedding invite. You never know when it might show up, and every year has ‘wedding season!’. Read on for some advice!


Buy A Great Wedding Outfit

Choose a great wedding outfit, ideally one you’ll be able to wear to more than one event. If you buy a quality dress or matching set to wear to a wedding, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t get your money’s worth and wear it again. You can accessorize differently so that it looks a little different, if you’re worried about looking the same. Now is a brilliant time to look, as the January sales have so many amazing deals. If you know you’re going to have a handful of weddings coming up, you could even take advantage of this time and buy a couple of great outfits. As a rule, a wedding guest shouldn’t wear white as this is the bride’s color. Unless she states otherwise, of course! Make sure you know what type of wedding it is too. Is it formal? Informal? What’s the theme? You may want to put lots of effort into your outfit, or it might be more of a casual affair. It depends on the day and the couple. There aren’t any real rules, but you should make sure you stay classy. That means it probably isn’t a great idea to wear a micro skirt or a mini dress. You can still look beautiful, unique, and quirky without flashing too much flesh!

Take Care Of Yourself

If you want to look your best in the pictures, then you need to start taking care of yourself. You’ll likely be in lots of pictures if you’re a bridesmaid or immediate family member. Start taking care of yourself by drinking lots of water, taking care of your skin, and eating healthy foods. You could even start a gym routine if you want to look amazing in your outfit. A great idea if the wedding is a beach wedding somewhere sunny too!


Come Up With A Few Gift Ideas

Buying the happy couple a thoughtful gift can be one of the hardest things about weddings. If they’ve lived together for a while, chances are, they already have most things they need. Double check the wedding stationery to see what they have asked for. Some couples will state that they would prefer to receive no gifts, but if you really want to contribute you can give to their honeymoon fund. They might even have a gift list they have created on Amazon or something similar, so check that out before you start buying. It usually best to stick to this, unless you know them well and have a great idea for something that will mean a lot to them.


Ask If You Can Lend Your Services

If you’re close to the happy couple, why not ask if you can lend your services? This might mean more to them and be more helpful than a gift. If you have a talent, such as music or photography, your services might be a welcome addition to the day. You won’t know if you don’t ask. Just let them know that you’re more than willing to help out and get involved if they want you to. Even if they don’t ask you to do anything, you won’t feel so bad about them paying for your dinner this way!


Make Sure You Get The Time Off

Double check the date and make sure you will get the time off work, if applicable. It’s best to book this off as far in advance as possible to ensure you can make it. If you have children and you’d rather they stayed at home, then it’s also a good idea to find a babysitter, or even a pet sitter in advance. Put the date in all of your diaries and calendars so it doesn’t creep up on you.  


Follow this advice and you’ll be fully prepared when the next wedding invitation enters your hands or your letterbox. No need to start panic buying expensive outfits or crash dieting to look great on the beach. You’ll be far less stressed and likely feel really good about yourself too. Have an amazing time and leave your own thoughts below!



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