A Foolproof Guide To Loving The Way You Look

Anyone who has read this blog for a while will know just how important an issue mental health is to me. It’s something that is becoming more of a focus in general, but is still not as widely understood as it needs to be.


Take the issue of self-confidence. You never have to look far for people talking about “holding your head up” and “looking people in the eye”. This is often hard enough for the best of people, but when you have issues with self-confidence, it’s even more difficult. And if you have body image issues, it’s harder again.


People can be completely well-meaning when they tell you to do those things. It may even come with a pep-talk about why you shouldn’t have those issues because you look great. Sometimes, though, people don’t realise it just isn’t that simple.


Feeling better about yourself is never a bad aim to have. It can be difficult, but there are things you can do. It’s worth running through them every once in a while to give yourself a boost – because giving up on it is never an option.


1. Take Time To Give Yourself A Break

When you’re naturally shy, it’s harder to project self-confidence. In fact, there is plenty of evidence that people who are introverted feel tired after speaking to people for a prolonged period. So sometimes, you will need your own space. Just a bit of time to yourself that allows you to decompress. More time spent around people can mean more time worrying about how you look.

2. Find A Look That Suits You


When it comes to makeup and your general look, it can be tempting to try and follow the look of the moment. One problem with that is that there is usually more than “one look of the moment”. Another is that you need to feel comfortable in how you look. Even if it’s not on trend, a look you can sell is more important.

3. Pampering Is Never A Bad Thing 

One of the things that stop us having confidence in ourselves is not feeling like we deserve to be confident. When you find things getting you down, it’s time to stop thinking about what you deserve! The truth is, there will be times when you don’t get what you do deserve so stop worrying about taking the time to pamper yourself.


4. The Nuclear Option Is Rarely A Good Idea


One thing that mental illness can do is make you feel like you need to make hasty decisions. The number of people who have had surgery because they had issues with Body Dysmorphia is shocking, and it never makes the problem go away. Add to that the number of cosmetic filler negligence claims filed every year. The chance that it can go wrong, or go right but still leave you with the same issues, is too great.


5. Have The Right People Around You


It’s true that when your self-confidence is low, kind words from others often don’t hit the mark. But don’t make the mistake of surrounding yourself with people who “tell it as it is”. People who tell you what you need to change rarely have your best interests at heart. They just want a platform for their opinions, and what they say will rarely be something you need to hear.



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