Take some Time Out in Thailand!


One place that seems to be pushing everyone’s buttons in providing great food, a cool place to hang out and fun stuff to do is Thailand. Yeah, it’s not exactly a place that you can just pop over to when you’re bored, but there is so much there to be explored!


Some really cool stuff to look into is what was mentioned first – the food. Thai food tastes amazing and obviously there is nowhere more authentic to try it than here. Most people stick to what they know when ordering from a restaurant but reviews on all of the different types of meals that you can get out there sound totally amazing. You could even try making your own version of the food that you want to try before you fly out, and then comparing when you get there … although it may be obvious who’s going to win this competition.


Another thing that’s worth having a look at before you go is becoming a volunteer in Thailand. This opens up loads of options and can help you plan where you want to travel to, as it could open up to you an area of Thailand that you’ve never even heard of. It’s definitely an experience and an eye-opener if nothing else, and it’ll help you gain experience too as most people go over there to volunteer as a teacher. So if that’s what you’re looking to do then you might as well kill two birds with one stone, as the saying goes…

There are so many ancient places and monuments to visit that you’ll be spoiled for choice. Thailand has some amazing waterfalls which make you feel calm just looking at the photos, so imagine what they’ll be like in real life. It has so much history that you’ll never be bored, with ruins and the hauntingly infamous Death Railway waiting to be explored. It’s a bit chilling really, knowing that such awful things happened in such a beautiful place, but it’s up to us to go and visit these places so we can keep the history alive for future generations. Religion is a big thing in Thailand too, and Buddhist temples such as Wat Pho are majestic buildings which will just take your breath away.


Street markets are a big thing in Thailand and you’ll be spoiled for choice with all the trinkets and goodies that are on offer. The night markets in Bangkok are meant to be some of the funnest, most vibrant hubs of hustle and bustle and offer you a true glimpse of what nightlife in Thailand is like for the locals. The best thing is that the locals do actually attend these markets and they’re not just selling tat for you to take home for your families as they buy stuff to take back to theirs too! What else could be a better advert for something to do than seeing someone who has lived there all their life enjoying themselves – it’s time to take a leaf out of their book and immerse yourself!




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