200th post!

I wrote my first post on March 16th 2015, and its amazing to think about how much I’ve changed and matured and grown while still sharing my life with all my wonderful readers on here. This is my 200th post, which blows my mind. I had countless blogs before this one, most of them never ended up with more than 10 posts so I’m incredibly proud and somewhat shocked that I’ve managed to keep this one going for almost 2 years and 200 posts.

Thats altogether, more than one post each week (I know they’ve been spread out a lot more than that at times, but on average its more than one a week) and I can’t describe how much I’ve loved working on each post. I love taking pictures and editing them, writing my posts and publishing them for the world to see.

Not that the entire world reads my blog, but at the minute I have 86 followers here on wordpress and I’m so thankful and happy to have each and every one of them. I love this little part of the internet that I have carved out for myself and I couldn’t be happier with what I have achieved not only with my blog but with my entire life while I have had this blog.

A lot has happened since that first post I wrote, in that time not all of it has been nice. I’ve lost my dad, had times where it looked like I might end up homeless (AKA living on my mums couch), had some really low moments with my mental health and faced a lot of personal problems that I haven’t shared (yet). With all of that though, as is the way with life in general, some amazing things have happened.

I’ve gone from a slightly depressing one bed flat to living in a gorgeous three bed house. I’ve finally found the courage to get tattoos, bleach my hair and dress like myself rather than trying so hard to fit in. I’ve learnt to love myself more and be more forgiving and my family has gotten closer than ever.

It’s strange to think that when I sat down and wrote my first post I was a seventeen year old girl determined to get this blog somewhere, and now it kind of feels like I have. I’ve changed so much I don’t even feel like the same person but clearly, whoever I am now, the determination and ambition past me had has definitely stuck around.

So today, have a piece of cake and a cup of tea in celebration for me, and here’s to another two hundred posts I guess!



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