First Impressions Count: How To Make The Best Of Your Home’s Exterior

When you finally fly the nest and get your own place it can be a very exciting time. Of course, many people go to university and that is the first time they have lived away from home, so they are pretty used to being independent of their parents. But even in that case, moving out of shared university accommodation into a house or flat that is truly yours is a very different experience. If you have bought your house, this statement is even more true. With a rental property you are limited, but with your own house you can execute much more of your creative freedom. So, where do you start with ‘Mission Decorate’? Here’s why the home’s exterior is one of the best places to begin.

Clear out the clutter

Okay, so most of us don’t really think about the outside of our homes when it comes to decorating. Almost as soon as we’ve got the keys to our newest place, we’re already on our way to IKEA to spend a LOT of money on utensils, trinkets, and cushions. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, as it is one of the most enjoyable things about having a new property to play with. But we all know that first impressions count – so shouldn’t we be focusing on the outside of our homes just as much? A good place to start is to clear out any clutter that might be making a mess in your driveway or front garden. If the previous owners weren’t courteous enough to remove their skip from the driveway, contact your local council to make sure someone comes to get it. If the grass is overgrown, give that brand new lawnmower its very first spin. Having a clean slate to work with will make it much easier for you to style the exterior of your home.

Fix the roof

Nothing drags down the appearance of a home than an ageing, cracked roof. Not only does it look unsightly, it can also give off the impression that your home is quite literally falling apart – not exactly the vibe you want to give off to any potential guests! Whether you have Flat Roofing or a more traditional roof, getting it fixed or replaced can be in your best interests. A new roof can usually last somewhere between twenty to fifty years depending on the quality of the materials used, so it is a worthwhile investment.

Dress your door

Your front door is the one thing that ties the overall ‘look’ of your house together. You may choose to keep the existing door that the property came with or you might have a completely new one installed – it’s completely up to you. Bear in mind the colour and what accessories you go for. Brass knockers can look impressively traditional whereas you might want to keep things minimalist with a subtle doorbell instead. Finally, put a couple of potted plants on either side of the door. When the outside of your home looks this good, people won’t be surprised that the inside matches too!



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