Four Things To Think About Before Getting a Pet Cat

If you are thinking of getting a kitten or adopting a cat, then there are plenty of things to think about. All too often we don’t think enough about the cat as a member of the family. But they really do become part of the family. They are great, and you can chat to them and share your secrets with them. But you need to know a few things before you get a pet. Here are some of my top tips.

Cats Are Social

It is often misunderstood just how social cats are. With the whole ‘cat lady’ connotations, they are often seen as a pet that can be quite lonely and solitary. While they do like to go outside and search for food alone, they do like the companionship of others. So if you have other pets that can help a lot. You also need to think about how often you are out of the house. If you work long hours and aren’t at home a lot, you might think a cat is a better option than a dog. It is true that they don’t need to be walked like a dog does, but they do still like you to be around. So that is certainly something to think about.


Scratching is Normal

When you get a cat, I don’t think anyone goes into it with the thought of wanting their sofas and furniture to be scratched. So you need to remember that it is completely normal for them to scratch things. So make sure that you have things ready for them to scratch. A scratching post and some toys are a great idea. It is a good idea to think about why a cat scratches too. It can be important for a cat to scratch, and it isn’t always just to sharpen their claws. So don’t be misled into getting your cat declawed, which is really cruel and shouldn’t be done.


You’ll Need a Vet

Every cat that you have needs to be cared for by a vet. It is good to have your cat checked regularly with your local vets. Just as you might have a checkup, your cat needs that too. If you are struggling with your cat getting them to behave, then it could be because of an underlying health issue. We don’t feel ourselves when we are getting ill, and it is the same for our cats. So as soon as you get one, make sure that they get registered at a vet. Getting pet insurance could be a good idea too.


Cats Need Play

Cats are primarily hunters, so they are made to be active and to move around. So make sure that you play with them and help them to keep active. You could choose toys that will encourage them to move around. Playing is also a good way to bond with your cat. So it is good for both of you to play together each day. It can also help to ease the fear that your cat might have, so it is really beneficial.


Cats are amazing pets and not like so many people think they are, mine at least are so friendly and loving, they’re really the perfect pet for me. There is a lot to think about and look into before getting any pet, but all the preparation will be worth it in the end!



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