Trouble Sleeping? Force Sleep With These Top Tips

You start feeling groggy, lay down in bed, and an hour or two later are laying there wide awake. Lack of sleep can really make you feel ill, so it pays to combat it in all ways possible. There are many ways to either tire yourself out or distract yourself from the insomnia that plagues you. Some are explored in this article, so take one or two and try them for yourself.


Watch A Movie On A Tablet

The “on a tablet” part here is important because it allows you to lay in bed and easily discard the device when you start to feel groggy. Play something easy to watch and mellow and let your eyelids grow heavy. Your best bet is to use a movie streaming app as you will have a huge amount of movies to choose from. You can Download ShowBox App from here and browse for something you feel appropriate. Watching movies tire out the eyes and the brain, so if you’re feeling restless it can really do a good job of putting you out.

Read A Book…

…Until it falls flat on your face. Reading to sleep is a common practice employed by thousands. Just keep on reading. Don’t put it down when you’re still feeling semi-active, because then your brain will continue ticking over while you try and sleep. Just keep sucking the words in through your eyes until you can take no more and the book drops onto you. Then you can drop it onto the floor and switch off the light on your bedside table and you’ll fall right to sleep. Try not to worry about staying overactive by reading books you enjoy, it can be tough reading books and after a long day your eyes will gradually become tired and your brain will shut you down. It really works, try it.

Do A Puzzle

Puzzles such as sudoku or a crossword can help tire the brain out before you go to sleep. If you really have trouble sleeping buy a puzzle book or use a puzzle app on your tablet. It won’t take long and it will force your brain to work hard and focus on just one thing instead of going into overdrive when you go to sleep. This one may not be for everyone as the teasers can sometimes kick your brain into overdrive, but the secret is to keep at it until you can feel your eyelids beginning to drop.

Try Colouring

You may have seen the huge advance in adult colouring books over the last few years. They do the opposite to puzzles and really relax the brain. You’ll find it therapeutic and easy to effortlessly shade in pre drawn pictures. You can even colour in scenes from your favourite movies or TV series. Doing this will chill you out and destress, ensuring you can fall to sleep in an easy and relaxing way. You can either colour in scenes or random patterns, it’s you choice. Many colouring books can be found here.



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