I Miss You, A Poem.

I miss you, even though I shouldn’t.

You’re not gone, I chose to leave you behind in the sunset.

I miss you, even though I wish I didn’t.

You’re too far gone, no helping hand can guide you far enough.

Help is requested and refused, I can’t get through and I miss you.

One day I won’t miss you anymore, I wonder if then you will feel it.

But for now, I miss you.



When I first started writing this blog I posted a few creative writing type posts and really loved them, but then I got a bit caught up in writing posts I knew would get views and comments and started writing them instead. With my 200th post being posted not too long ago though, I had a little look back through my blog and realised that I don’t really give a fuck if I get views or not, my blog is for me and though I love the fact that people actually read it, I should be posting what I want to post, and I hope theres someone out there that enjoys it in someway but if not, thats okay too.



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