Five Things I’ve Learnt As A Teen

I turn twenty in March, which is scary and weird and exciting all rolled into one, and though I’m definitely looking forward to not being a ‘teen’ anymore, its a time of my life in which I’ve learnt an incredible amount and so I would like to share just five of the things I’ve learnt!

First, It’s okay when people don’t like you. Not everyone can like everyone and as long as they’re not a massive dick about it, its fine for people to not take a shining to you. Of course, as long as they don’t dislike you because you’ve been a massive dick, if thats the case you need to stop being such a massive dick obviously.

Secondly, its okay to stay up until four AM on your own as long as you’re not doing it because you’re sad. If you’re sad, don’t stay up. Have a nice long shower, a hot cuppa and go to bed.

Third, no strangers care about you. The people you walk past in the street don’t care about your hair or clothes or make up or anything else. They care about them, you care about you and instead of caring about what they might but probably don’t think, give them a smile and carry on with your life.

Fourth, you’re not an idiot just because you are young. I know people younger than me that have more wisdom and common sense than some forty year olds I know. Sure, we don’t have the same amount of life experience as ‘real adults’ but we’re not babies, we understand the world around us and know what it is we want to change.

Fifth, everyone has hard times. Its so easy to look at other bloggers or people on social media in anyway and see their life look perfect but it isn’t. Everyone has bad things happen to them and nights where they feel sad for no reason because everyone is human. They might have a life you want, but you could well have the life they want. Everyones life is amazing or special in someway and almost everyone just chooses to put that great part online, don’t be fooled by it.



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