An Instagram Update

We’ve managed to reach the third week of uploading an instagram update on the proper day! This is honestly an achievement, I’m proud of it and nothing anyone says can remove that pride, so lets just jump into it.

I uploaded the picture you saw as the featured picture for my 200th blog post previous to this picture, and I felt like a bit of a dweeb for uploading a picture I took with my DSLR to Instagram so I of course immediately uploaded a grainy selfie of me and my cat. Thats what you do isn’t it?

This was the day I went and registered with my new doctor and had to do the check up appointment thing they do, and luckily enough the nurse and receptionists and everyone there was lovely but it still made me beyond anxious so I was a very happy potato when I got home. The doctor I’m with now specialises in mental health now so that’s quite nice.

Some evenings you just need to put loud music on and sit there, doing literally nothing but listen to the music, for two hours. Plus, if you haven’t listened to St.Cecillia you need to, it’s got some of the best Foo’s songs on it. You also get to have a little look at my living room in this picture, I hope you enjoy it.


My mum came over for brunch, I cooked us some scrambled egg on toast and we had a lovely morning/early afternoon together. Since I’ve moved over to Liverpool from Birkenhead I’ve seen my mum a lot more often and I’m really enjoying seeing her more, not only because she’s tiny and adorable.

Doing this update has well and truly made me realise how often I post pictures of my cats, and though I definitely feel like I should stop I’m one hundred percent aware that I’m not going to because look at them. Look at her little face and how proud she looked after waking me up. She’s a tiny baby and I will never stop posting pictures of them both.

Finally, we have the sunset picture that you will be used to seeing by now. I changed this one up a bit by including the plants on my windowsill but thats definitely something I’ve done before. I just really love sunsets and I get to see such lovely ones so often its practically my duty to share them with the world.



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