Feeling the Wanderlust? Here Are 3 Reasons to Move Away for a Year

If you’ve ever taken a look at YouTube videos or magazine articles of wonderful remote locations, golden sandy beaches or busy city markets, you’ve probably told yourself that one day, you’ll want to visit those picturesque locations that you’ve read and heard all about. Sadly, very few people take the plunge and invest the money into a life-changing holiday full of wonderful experiences.


But why stop at a holiday? Why not pack your bags and wander like a lost adventurer in this huge beautiful planet that we call earth. Whether you want to travel the world or live in the country for a while, sate your wanderlust by checking out these three reasons why you should take a hiatus from your daily life for a year and embark on a journey into the wild.

Experience nature and reset your stress levels

Does the thought of having mother nature’s garden as your backyard sound enticing? The great outdoors are a magic pill when it comes to resetting your daily stress levels. No one wants to live in a city full of smog and noise pollution for their entire lives, which is why we go on regular holidays and weekend breaks whenever we can. If you’ve ever come back from a holiday and your co-workers have complimented you on your beaming face and infectious smile, then how about having that positive outlook every day of the week?

There are many luxurious country cottages to rent, each with a distinct look and feel and easy access to all of mother nature’s beauty. It’s easy to move all of your furniture and belongings with the help of a removal company, your friends and family can come along for the ride if they want and there’s usually more than enough space to support all of your hobbies. It’s the perfect opportunity to relieve your stress and it’s perfect for people that work from home or can do their jobs from a laptop computer.

Explore the world while you have a chance

It’s inevitable that as we grow older, we grow both wiser and also more fragile. You see senior couples and groups exploring the world all the time, but the activities they can get involved with are limited. You won’t see many seniors and elderly couples skydiving, climbing mountains or hiking to remote areas of Asia to explore ancient ruins and caves. If you’re still an adult then why not go on a life-changing adventure? Many locations in the world are once in a lifetime experiences that you simply can’t miss.

Make unforgettable memories

The life of a nomad is full of adventure and incredible experiences. Whether you’re travelling for the sake of getting away from the stress of life or if you want to discover and learn new things, you’ll meet some friendly faces, make unforgettable memories and encounter ridiculous situations that will blow your mind.

Perhaps you want to get involved with the local community of a distant city, maybe you want to learn a new language, or perhaps you want to experience life on the other side of the world. Whatever your desires, you’re bound to make some life-long friends and rediscover yourself. In fact, you might be so entranced by life in other areas of the world that you might not want to leave!



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