At Breaking Point? It’s Time To Recharge

Sometimes taking a little bit of me time can give you the recharge that you need.  

It’s not always easy to find the time to take a quiet break and quite often life’s little disasters make it impossible to save enough money to take a holiday.  So what do you do when the fuzz of the world is getting to you and your feeling like you are at breaking point?

I’ve spoken about mental health before in my blog A Foolproof Guide To Loving The Way You Look and it is a subject that means a great deal to me.  So I wanted to look at ways of stepping back and finding a little bit of calm in a sometimes confusing and, too often, frustrating world.

Surrounding yourself by nature is a really great place to start if you need to regain some clarity. Rich green rolling hills inspire you to walk and walking often clears the head.  The seashore is also a deeply restorative place to be.  Somewhere between the salty, fresh air and the hypnotic sound of the sea you just seem to find yourself again.  

For me, Cornwall offers the best of both worlds and some brilliant attractions to boot.  Such as The Eden Project, for a calm and peaceful walk discovering why we are so reliant on plants or The Monkey Sanctuary for lifting the spirits, who doesn’t smile when they see monkey’s?  

It is a slower pace of life and the seaside towns are filled with friendly people and welcoming smiles.  There is an abundance of gorgeous hotels to stay in such as The Old Bridge House in Looe.  Looe Island offers you a great feeling of being slightly cut off from the madness as, apart from some times in the Summer, it can only be reached by boat.  You sort of get this feeling that you are leaving your troubles behind you when you get on a boat.  

Taking care of your mental health isn’t exclusive to any particular group.  We should all be making time to be more aware of ourselves and kinder to ourselves.  It’s very easy to get clouded, allowing anxieties to run wild and sometimes, not to even notice the unhealthy habits you have picked up which lower your self esteem.

We all need to stop sometimes, remind ourselves that life is fluid and ever changing.  Get back to nature and step away from the hustle and bustle of our demanding routines.  Without that timeout how can we expect to really gain any clarity on the things that truly matter.  Such as friendships, family and fellow human beings.

It doesn’t really matter where you go to make peace with yourself and it may not be a break for you, perhaps you’ve noticed a friend has been struggling lately?  Maybe your parents don’t seem themselves.  Whatever your reason, slowing life down to your pace and letting your mind drift away for a few days, doesn’t have to break the bank or mean taking a week off work.
Just find your own little island and most importantly, be kind to yourself.



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