Why You Should Never Change

Sometimes, you can feel like you’re not good enough, or that the person you are inside can never be accepted. It’s a hard emotion to experience, a lost sense of belonging, but it can be as real as love or happiness. But, that shouldn’t make it okay. Feeling like you don’t fit it, or that you should change to feel worthy, will never be okay. You should only ever make it change if its a change you want to make for you.

Although you may not believe it right now, one size never fits all. It never has, and never will. As human beings, we’re all different, but that’s what makes us special. You should never feel pressure to change who you are or let other people’s opinions (or, more commonly, what you think they are) make you feel less of a person or less of yourself.


Because You’re Beautiful

You, just the way you are, are beautiful. Forgot what your brain is programmed to think, forget about comparing yourself to others, and start to believe it. Even when you don’t feel your best, use every last bit of that strength you know is inside you somewhere deep down and fight for your happiness. When you start to love the way you look, acceptance is just around the corner. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and when you look in the mirror or at a picture of yourself you are the beholder, you get to decide that you are beautiful.


Because People Love You

When you feel down and alone, you can often feel like nobody cares. In reality, it’s far from the truth. Even if you’re not friends with this person or that person doesn’t know you exist, there are people that love you and there always will be. Don’t underestimate the importance and power of family and close friends. Their love is incomparable; it just takes time for you to see that sometimes.


Because You’re Living

Happy won’t always be full of joy and happiness, that’s a fact. But it won’t always be full of pain and hurting either. Living is something that pushes you, but it always goes full circle. You will reach the joy and happiness, even after the pain and hurting. Right now, you are living. You’re experiencing, and that’s a beautiful thing. Even when there are things you’d love to change about yourself, like your body size, hair color, or skin type, solutions are available, like a lifestyle change, colourists or vitage advanced skincare. Emotions are temporary, remember that, but action can change your life.


Because You Will Blossom

You might feel one way right now, but please remember that you have felt different. You will always feel different because your emotions will change. As we grow, we naturally develop. So, where you are, and how you feel right now is not where you will always be, and how you will feel in ten years time. Have faith in your path and start to shake off the negativity to embrace a positive future. As we age and grow and learn, we get to shape ourselves into who we want to be and our situations will constantly change so don’t worry about where you are right now, worry about where you’re going to be and put that worry into ambition and motivation.


Because You Are YOU!

And finally, if each of the previous four points weren’t enough to persuade you, this one should; you are you. Being you is being unique. Being you is daring to be different. You won’t always be happy with your choices or the way you live, but both are yours, and you do have the freedom to choose or change your mind when it suits you. Remember that and happiness will follow. You’re not just one in a million, you’re literally the only one of you on earth and thats something to be celebrated.




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