5 Local Improvements that Make a Big Difference to the Planet’s Health

So, we’ve all heard about the dangers of climate change and how important it is to act now, but it can seem like the problem is just TOO big for little ol’ me and you to do anything about. With ice caps melting and temperatures rising, will our actions count for nothing more than a drop in the ocean in the grand scheme of things?

The good thing is that all those tiny drops can add up to something very significant. If you want to do something to help save the planet there’s plenty that you can do locally, starting with these five ideas.


Here comes the sun

Although it seems like we only get a week of sunshine each year, the UK actually gets more than enough rays for us to embrace solar power and you can make sure your home plays its part.

Installing solar panels on your roof lets you do your bit for the environment and could also see you receive money from the government for producing your own energy. This way you get to feel good and have some extra money in the bank! You can always start with the solar powered phone chargers that are available and work your way up, every little helps!

This little light of mine

Lighting plays such an important role in how your home looks and feels, so it’s understandable if people don’t want to mess with their current setup.

However, switching from the bog-standard traditional light bulbs to those that are more energy efficient can make a major difference to the amount of energy that your home uses each day. There are a huge range of LED Spotlights available to choose from, but whichever you opt for you’ll be doing the environment a favour.

Reuse first, recycle second

Although there’s a lot emphasis on recycling, and rightly so, it’s important to remember that reusing products is even better for the environment.

Loads of everyday items can be reused, from carrier bags to old bits of wood, and there are also reusable versions of other items that cost a little more in the short-term, but can save your pocket and the planet in the long-term.

Think about your shop

Even your weekly shop can make a big difference to the planet’s well being when added up over the course of a few years.

Buying produce that is grown far away and that has had to travel miles to get to your local shop can add up to a large carbon footprint. In order to lower yours, you can work out how many “food miles” are contained within your usual shop and make an effort to buy local whenever you can. Buying from local markets also means that a lot of fruit and veg that would be in plastic in a normal supermarket is just loose, and we all know wasting less plastic is important!

Feel tree-mendous

Something else you can do locally which has wider benefits is planting a tree. Not only will this create a natural habitat for wildlife such as birds, it will also help take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Plus, a new tree looks lovely in the garden, so it’s a win-win!

Whenever you’re not sure if “going green” is worth it, remember that acting locally can make a big difference globally.




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