An Instagram Update!

So, we’re onto our last instagram update of January! Its our fourth one, in four weeks, and I’ve managed to stick to actually doing it every 7 days so far! We’ll see how that one goes but for now, lets just get into it.

We’ve been through this already, the sky and plants are two of my main loves (after family, the boyfriend and the kitties of course!) so it seems fitting to start this weeks update off with this picture. You can’t see it as well as I could in real life, which is often the way, but the sky went through every tone of red, orange, yellow and blue imaginable all at once and I noticed it while I was having a really exciting time doing my dishes, so I just quickly nabbed a picture!

This was one of those ‘I woke up, looked around and liked the way this corner of my room looked, so I took a picture. It’s a bit messy, but its mine and I love my room and my house very, very much. Each morning I wake up and I see all these pictures from the last 3 years up on my wall and it makes me smile immediately because through everything me and Rich have stuck together and we finally have such a lovely home, it just fills my heart with joy and I don’t want there to ever be a day when I’m not grateful for what I have in every aspect of my life.

This picture is from last Sunday when my mum and brother came to mine for Sunday lunch, kind of. All I provided was the carrots, roast potatoes and slightly too runny gravy while my mum bought the rest with her, but it was a lovely meal regardless and it was the first time I saw my brother for more than a flying visit in quite a while so it was nice to hear what he was up to with his car and all that. I’ve seen my mum quite a lot lately and I love it. I forgot how similar our humour is and how much she makes me laugh, it makes me really happy to properly connect with her again.

I know, I know, selfies aren’t all that interesting but I am trying to take more. For one, I want to embrace and love the way I look and I don’t know a better way than to smile and take a picture and tell myself I look great. Secondly, I’m young right now, and one day I won’t be, and I’m sure I’ll want plenty of pictures to show my grandkids to prove there really was a time when I didn’t look like Golum crossed with The Doctor when The Master put all of his years onto him.


Yes, another selfie, because look at me. My hair was doing something cool, my X-Files t-shirt glows in the dark and that plaid shirt kind of makes me feel like I should listen to The Germs or Nirvana or something…which I don’t, all I’ve been listening to lately is Taylor Hawkins KOTA but thats okay because its incredible.

I recently added fairy lights (that I bought for my christmas tree which has of course been thrown away now) to the ‘feature wall’ thing I did in my living room. It was one of the very first things I did and the first thing that really made it feel like home, even more so now that its so cosy. I love this wall because it really feels like I managed to encompass my personality in it!

While out with my mum, we saw a lady struggling with some bags and the like and offered to help her, which she accepted and passed us three huge carrier bags filled to the brim with books. Of course, I immediately asked what she was doing with them and she asked if I wanted them. Obviously, I totally wanted over 50 books for free and she very, very kindly gave them to me. Theres a few gems here that I’ve wanted to read for years and others I’ve never heard of but sound really interesting. I can’t wait to give them all a read and most probably give you a review of a lot of them!

Finally, we have Jodie mid yawn. Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Jodie. She such a lap cat and so snuggly, even though she constantly dribble on me. She is however, quite possibly the least photogenic cat ever. As soon as I have my camera out she’s yawning or meowing or shaking her head or washing her back leg in a weird way. Allie is the exact opposite, if the camera is out she does her most graceful poses as though she’s some sort of cat Kate Moss (Cat-e Moss? No I’m sorry). Still, no matter how ridiculous she looks sometimes, Jodie is my child (and Allie too obviously).

Now, I’m scheduling this post at one am to go up in the morning and I’ve been up since seven so I’m well and truly ready for bed. What was your favourite picture you shared on Instagram this week? I hope you have an amazing day!



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