Simple Sundays

I’ve uploaded at least one post every day so far this year which, though its been very enjoyable and really made me feel like I’m accomplishing something, means I haven’t had a day off from blogging. I mean, sure I could have just scheduled a bunch of posts but I really do like sitting down and writing something each day, though I have scheduled a couple of posts on days that I was busy.

I don’t really mind doing a bit of blog work every day, I’m a blogger and its what I do and I’m definitely not complaining, but I miss my simple Sundays. The ones where you wake up after ten because you didn’t even bother setting an alarm, pad down stairs in your pyjamas and stick some crumpets in the toaster while you decide what you want to watch on netflix.

Especially with it being winter, theres not much better than looking out the window and seeing that its so cold, windy and rainy yet you’re all warm and cosy with a cup of tea and the fluffy dressing gown that makes you look three sizes bigger than you really are.

In high school I attended LIPA on a Saturday learning to dance, sing and act…or at least trying to learn to dance sing and act, which meant that between that and school, Sunday was my only day off and, since the previous day had been spent commuting from Rhyl to Liverpool, spending three hours doing physically and emotionally (though definitely enjoyable!) draining classes and committing back to Rhyl, I was always tuckered out on Sunday.

Sunday was the day I spent in my pyjamas listening to records and wishing I could have been around to see The Beatles and Bowie while also being super inspired to write my own stuff, it was the day I would sit around with a guitar and a mug of hot chocolate writing out all my feelings so I would be ready to face the week.

Sundays have just always been so simple and easy for me, a true day of rest even though I’m not the slightest bit religious. So if you’re reading this on a Sunday, make a cuppa and put your feet up for a bit! That’s what I’ll be doing the second this is published, and maybe a bit of brunch too!



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