5 Reasons It’s Awesome Living With Your Partner

I’m not going to deny it: I love living with my partner. I know some people find it hard to adjust to sharing their space with another person, but hot damn, I think it’s absolutely fantastic. Some people aren’t set up to move in with their better half, but this can all be changed with a little nudge in the right direction. Basically, once you know just how great it can be, you might just find yourself gearing up to move in together sooner than you imagined. Intrigued? Read on to discover just why living with your boyfriend or girlfriend may be better than you think….

Midweek Fun

Do you ever have those days, the ones where nothing seems to go right. You’ve missed the bus, had a terrible day at work, missed the bus on the way home, and, to top if all off, it’s raining outside. Life can be pretty miserable, right? Wrong! Even if all these things happen, you might get home and find an energetic, positive person who is ready to make you happy. Living with your partner is a bit like sharing the responsibility of making the day good. If you’re not in the right headspace to make the day fun, then your partner is on hand to make sure you have a smile on your face. And it works the other way too – you’re there to pick them up when they’ve had a tough day too. It’s always nice to return home to someone, and it’s even better when they’re the love of your life.

Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook

Remember that thing we said about sharing the responsibility of making the day good? Yeah, that also applies to the many daily responsibilities we all have. If you’re tired and can’t quite muster the energy to make a meal that doesn’t involve throwing a frozen lasagne in the microwave, then no worries – your boyfriend and girlfriend can assume the responsibility this night! This also applies to other things. You play off each other’s strengths. Great at making a cup of tea? Great, that’s your job. Is your partner a tech whizz, capable of getting those annoying gadgets to work even when all hope is lost? Then that’s their job. Together, you’ll make one big adorable team. Just remember to actually share the responsibility – nobody likes a person who doesn’t pull their weight!

Lazy Sunday Morning

Done properly, the very best thing about living with your partner is the lazy sunday mornings you get to spend together. You know the ones: you’re a little battered from the night before, there’s nowhere to be and nothing to do, and all you want to do is have a chilled Sunday. It gets no better than lazily waking up and spending the morning lounging in a super king bed, drinking tea, maybe even putting a throwaway Disney film on as you slowly come to life. Later, when you’re out of bed, you’ll stay in your pajamas and share a decadent breakfast. If life does get any better than this, I sure haven’t figured out what it is yet.

Spontaneous Outings

The reasons so far have either been practical or romantic, but one of the best things about living with the one you love is that it’s FUN! That’s right, it’s like living with a friend, one that you love doing random stuff with. This means you’ll be having nights where you do nothing but play board games, afternoons of amateur dramatics where you bring out your theatrical sides, dancing around to your favourite music as you cook (one of my favourite things ever!), and spontaneous outings. The last might be the most fun. You could be browsing the internet, suddenly remember how much fun it is to go bowling, and then minutes later you and your equally excited partner are on your way to the nearest bowling alley.

They’re Right There, Aww!

OK, this might be a bit soppy, but the nicest thing about sharing your space with your girlfriend or boyfriend is that…they’re right there, right next to you, virtually all the time. You’ll manage to retain your separate lives and be fully individual, but you’ll be able to experience the deep happiness that comes from sharing your life with another, on a daily basis. You’ll wake up with them, fall asleep with them, and in the in between hours laugh and joke and just be with them. And you get to do that again and again and again. What more could you want from a relationship that those things?



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