DIY Valentines Chocolate Bars

I always like to make something for Rich for Valentines Day on top of any presents I get him, and this year I decided that should be something chocolate related! We both love chocolate though Rich has this weird thing where he only like chocolate that has some sort of crunch to it, which is why I included the pop rocks and sprinkles you can see below!

This is pretty easy, and doesn’t take many ingredients at all. All you need is two bars (or more/less depending how much you want to make of course) of milk chocolate, two white (I only really used around one though), some moulds for the chocolate, sprinkles or something similar to decorate with and some standard kitchen things like bowls and a microwave.

screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-11-26-17This is very customisable though, which is great if you want to give it to someone for Valentines Day. You can switch up the kind of chocolate you use so its their favourite type and even use their favourite sweets to decorate it and make it really personal!

To start out with, you’ll want to break the chocolate you’ll use as the base into squares and microwave it in intervals of 20 or 30 seconds, stirring well in between so that it doesn’t burn (mine burnt slightly which is why its a little lumpy, but it wasn’t noticeable when eaten!). Once your chocolate is perfectly melted and looks drinkable you’ll want to spoon it into what ever you’re using as a mould. I used two small heart shaped cake tins and a large round one.

screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-11-27-43With the chocolate in the mould, you can bang it hard on the counter a few times to smooth it out and get rid of any air bubbles that might be in it. Its also a pretty good time to get out any pent up aggression! screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-11-28-18Then you start the fun bit and can get decorating! I was going for an ‘out of this world’ theme since neither me nor Rich are huge fans of all the heart and cherubs you see around Valentines day. This meant using sprinkles shaped like stars mixed with little silver ball bearings (Doctor Who reference anyone?!) and long silver…things. I don’t know, but it looks good!

Then its off to the fridge! I left mine in over night but 3-5 hours should do the trick if you’re in more of a rush. Once the chocolate base is solid, you can melt the chocolate you’re going to use for decoration, in my case white chocolate, using the same microwave method you used the first time. Once its melted, spoon it into a ziplock bag, or an actual piping bag if you have one, and have some fun writing in chocolate, or just decorating if you’re not comfortable attempting to write. screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-11-29-02As you can see, my writing wasn’t the best but it was readable and even if it wasn’t, with the effort that went into this if it hadn’t been appreciated I would have eaten the lot myself. I went for ‘You are out of this world’ on the bigger bar and ‘Love U’ and ‘U R A Star’ on the smaller ones. It was at that point I realised I really shouldn’t have melted two whole bars of chocolate just for a bit of writing and decided to add some decorating touches, like the border you can see below. I also added some pop rocks to the border for a bit of fun. screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-11-30-36And then you’re done! I know its not Valentines day yet but I had to make these a bit early so I could make a post and you should have seen Richards face absolutely light up when I gave them to him. I only got a little nibble but it tasted pretty good and I’m definitely proud of how they look! screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-11-31-08Do you usually make your significant other something for Valentines, buy them something or both? I love making things for Rich and have every year.



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