Things I’m Grateful For

I did one of these posts somewhere around this time last month and really enjoyed it, I always think its a good idea to take some time out every now and again to really appreciate what you have. I spend so much time focused on things I want and I know I’m much happier when I ignore that stuff for a bit and pay attention to all the things I already have.

My Home

Our new house feels more and more like home every single day. I love the area, I love the actual house, I like our neighbours. It feels like our living situation is the way I always hoped it would be and it finally is. The kitties have also finally really settled down and don’t get so scared, which makes me feel much more comfortable than I did before.

My Blog

Kind of lame I know, but so far this year I’ve gotten more views and visitors than I ever dreamed I would and its so exciting! Blogging can be a bit of a long slog, especially when you first start, and its so rewarding to see that the things I’m writing are being read and enjoyed, all that hard work isn’t just for me any more.


Despite living in a city now, theres a huge amount of nature around us, which I love. Where we lived before there was nothing remotely green around us, now we live just down the road from some lovely allotments, and I have a gorgeous view of the river from my backyard. Being able to do the dishes while looking out over the river and Birkenhead makes me feel really peaceful.

Family Time

Me and my mum have arranged that we do something together every Thursday. I see her other times in the week but every Thursday she comes over to my house, we have lunch and then go somewhere together. Its really lovely, gives me something to look forward to and feels almost like a reward for getting through the whole week between!



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