An Instagram Update!

This very nearly wasn’t going to get written. Its Saturday, I’m cold and feeling bleh in every way possible. I’m not really in the mood to start writing a blog post about my week but I’ve committed to this and I know I’d be so disappointed in myself if I didn’t do this, so here we go!

This is currently probably my favourite thing in my house. I love the way the books look on the mantel, I love all the art I put up and I love the fairy lights. Its cosy and comforting and lovely, and I’m very proud of my idea to put the books there! I adore being surrounded by books and having them right there behind my couch means I’m reaching for one more often rather than just watching Taskmaster.

I went to a protest against Trump and this was my favourite sign there. I managed to go on my own, which was awful for my anxiety but, as you can read in the post I wrote about it here I managed to actually really enjoy it and make a couple of friends!

I just constantly want to flaunt my X-Files tattoo honestly. I love it SO much since it encompasses my three biggest loves (cats, aliens and The X-Files!).I had only just woken up when I took this picture, I actually hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet and I just though my legs were a really nice colour in the light coming through the window. By ‘colour’ I mean literally like paper but still, I like this picture a lot.

Of course me going anywhere on the train means that I run into this cat, who I have named Jasper, and I will always always take a picture of him when I see him. Look how huge and fluffy he is! You can’t really honestly tell me you wouldn’t take a picture of this cat? This time when I saw him me and Rich were on our way into Liverpool for a bit of a shop round, though luckily for our bank accounts we barely bought anything!

I very, very, very rarely actually purchase vinyls from HMV for multiple reasons, but that doesn’t mean I won’t still spend hours looking through them all and wishing I already owned the lot of them.

Finally, from the same day as the two pictures above, the hot chocolates me and Rich stopped into Cafe Nero for to warm up before heading home! I’m usually more of a coffee or tea drinker than hot chocolate but the last few times Ive gone out for coffee I’ve ended up with hot chocolate and really enjoyed it, so thats what I’m sticking to for now!

Now that I’ve actually written this post I feel a bit better than I did coming into it! Thats most of the reason I have this blog and actually update it though, I really enjoy it! Do you have a favourite picture you’ve shared to Instagram this week?



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