5 Places I want to Visit in America

I’m yet to visit the US, though I really hope it happens in the next few years since theres so many places there I really want to visit! For now though, I’ve cut my list down to five places I NEED to visit in my life.

1. Area 51, Nevada

I know you can’t technically visit Area 51 since its super secretive and you’re likely to get shot, but I’d like to get as close to it as legally possible and camp there in the hope of seeing some sort of Alien or UFO. I really, really want to see a UFO and I think thats one of the most likely places I’d get to see one, even if the government claims they’re just things created by humans being tested out.

2.Roswell, New Mexico

This one is mostly for the reasons above. I’m a big believer in Aliens and would love to visit a place that, in my opinion and that of many others, has definitely been visited by Alien life. Even if they did accidentally crash there.

3. New York City, New York

Who doesn’t want to go to New York? All the lights and huge buildings and broadway, it all just looks amazing. Just going shopping in New York looks like its a thousand times more fun than going shopping anywhere else and as a food lover, its definitely on my bucket list to try some New York pizza! I’d also love to visit where CBGB’s used to be, as a Ramones fan since I was about 11 it’d pretty much be a right of passage.

4. Seattle, Washington

I’ve wanted to visit Seattle since I was about 13 and got really into Nirvana. It just looks like a city thats so full of art and music and creativity, its the exact kind of place I’d want to spend a few days visiting local places like the space needle and getting as close to what was Kurt Cobains house as possible. Plus, weed is legal there!

5. Disney World, Orlando

My parents took me to Disney Land Paris for my eight birthday, and I visited again with my school when I was 16 so I would love to visit what is essentially Disney Land but bigger, better and in a warmer climate! I’m a huge disney fan and I love going on rides so its definitely a must for me that I eventually manage to pay it a visit.

Where would you like to visit? Are you as attracted to alien hot spots as I clearly am?



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