Films to Brighten a Rainy Day

We all have those really mopey days where everything just feels a bit shit no matter what and it’d be really really nice if just one tiny things could brighten your miserable day. Well, look no further because here are the films that will do just that.

Drop Dead Fred

Its amazing. Its hilarious, touching and empowering, which is the perfect mixture of emotions for a bad day. If you don’t fall in love with Rik Mayall in this role, you must not have a heart because he is adorable and very bloody annoying, which from him is a somewhat charming mix. You’ll laugh your socks off and have a little cry with in seconds.

Spice World

Anyone my age and a bit older probably grew up on this movie so its a nostalgic favourite for me, but even those who didn’t grow up shocked by those Spanish men’s bum will have some good laughs off it. My boyfriend jokes a lot that it has one person from every BBC comedy I’ve ever watched, but its honestly not far from the truth. Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross and Jennifer Saunders all make appearances, amongst many other famous faces. It’s cheesy, its fun and its very, very 90’s.

Lord of the Rings

It might just be because they’re my favourite films, but I just think they’re so beautiful and cosy to watch. They’re the perfect films to watch after pulling your duvet downstairs onto the couch and making your self a pot of tea, because believe me, if you want to watch all three of them you will want a full pot of tea to your self.

The Oranges

This film kills my insides. Its cute and, as much as i hate using this word, its very ‘quirky’. Hugh Laurie’s acting in this is beyond A*, I’m not going to spoil it but theres this one bit where he’s looking at his love interest and his facial expression just melts and it melts my heart. It’s heartwarming, thats what we’ll call it. If you even remotely like Hugh Laurie, you will love this.

So those are the films that act as my umbrella on rainy days, what are yours?



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