What I Want From My First Home

For us poor souls who are Millennials orGeneration Z, things haven’t been so good when it comes to money. With the economy not serving up jobs on a plate like it did in our parent’s generation, getting started in life seems like a pipe dream. Am I right?

Of course, a lot of it isn’t anybody’s fault. Some of it has to do with the fact that well-paying jobs are just a lot more technical these days and require a lot more training. It can take more than five years to become a doctor, and most people can’t just walk into a high-paying software job without some serious background training.

All of this means that some of us are not all that hopeful about getting own homes. But it’s something that’s nice to think about anyway when the time does finally arrive.


Tonnes Of Storage

The first thing that would be on my wishlist would be tonnes of storage to keep all my stuff. I don’t think there’s a single person in the world who has complained about their house because they had too much closet space.

But I wouldn’t just want something bog standard. I’d want beautiful birch plywood shelving, enamelled kitchen cabinets and a good-sized pantry space filled with wicker baskets to keep all my cooking ingredients. The bathroom would also have to well served too for storing all my anti-wrinkle treatments and makeup.

A Quick Commute

I hate it when people say that they work seven hours a day when in reality they leave their home at 7 am in the morning, spend two hours travelling, and then return in the evening at 6 pm. That’s not a seven hour day, that an 11 hour day, and it’s all thanks to the commute.

As a result, a house close to where I work would be on my wishlist. Even better would be a house that had a home office where I could pursue my own business and career without having to sit on a bus or a train every morning crammed full of people.

A Space For The Car

With the rise of services like Lyft and Uber, many more of us are wondering whether it’s even worth getting a car. But there’s something about car ownership that helps you to feel more independent. There’s just one problem: finding somewhere to put it. Roadside parking isn’t exactly ideal, especially if you live on a narrow Victorian street. There’s a good chance that when the next bus comes past, it’ll knock your wing mirror off. A much better solution is to have your own space where you can keep your car nice and safe. After all, you work hard to pay for it.

A Big Kitchen

Floor space is valuable in a house, wherever it is. But it’s most valuable in the kitchen. The only problem? The majority of houses have kitchens that look as if they have been built inside converted cupboards.

Big kitchens give you room to breathe and allow you to actually enjoy the space, rather than want to leave at the first opportunity.



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