I’m just sad.

I’ve having one of those months, big time. Nothing is really wrong, I’ve got a lovely house that’s really coming together to be a home, a great boyfriend and family and all in all, everything is great, but I’m really sad. I’m getting anxious feelings in my chest even though theres nothing to be anxious about and I barely even manage to get out of bed in the morning.

The slightest mistake feels like the biggest failure. I managed to write and upload a post every single day last month, but not this month, which feels like I’m just a failure of a blogger. Last month I managed to go out a lot more and do things on my own, this month just going grocery shopping with my mum feels like too much to handle, and that also feels like a massive failure on my part.

I’m trying to keep a positive head space though, I’m being creative still and doing a lot of creative things outside of blogging and over all I’m still being quite productive every day. I keep reminding myself that its okay to have bad days, week or even months as long as you don’t let it pull you all the way down.

I’ve been in the place I am now before, and I’ve been a lot lower, and I’ve always managed to get out of it and be happy. Of course, that happiness doesn’t always last like you can see from this, but its still worth fighting for. I’m having a bad time, but I can still smile through it and come out okay again on the other side. You’ll still be seeing plenty of posts from me, just not daily this month.



One thought on “I’m just sad.

  1. Sometimes there is something else going (even clinical), but I constantly have to remind myself not to be too hard on myself. I set high expectations, and then feel overwhelmed when I can’t meet them… and I stop enjoying what I initially set out to just for the fun of it. (I was only posting weekly, and hit a wall for like 6 months where I couldn’t write). I found my writing much easier when I took it easy and rediscovered the joy in it. Best wishes!


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