An Instagram Update

This weeks is a little late, and thats fine. Sure, I’m kind of disappointed that its late but its only by two days and I don’t have all that much to show from this week on Instagram anyway so really, its like a happy mistake since this post gets to be that tiny bit more interesting than it might have been otherwise!

I took this right before I went to the anti-Trump protest I attended. I was super anxious about it so I found this little quiet corner by St.Georges hall where I could watch all the hustle and bustle of the city without having to be a part of it and honestly, it was lovely just sitting here for a bit listening to Queen. If you’re ever in Liverpool I would definitely recommend this spot!

I know this isn’t the best picture ever, but Aquarius is a great show! It’s set in California in 1967 and David Duchovny is a bad ass cop going after Charles Manson. I’m sure you all know by now that I’m an absolute sucker for anything with David Duchovny in but what can I say, he’s an incredible actor and he’s just in so much good stuff!

I know we moved in last November, but I’ve only just gotten my office sorted and of course the first thing I had to do was create a wall collage. My entire office isn’t sorted yet, its still a lot of boxes, but its really coming along and I absolutely adore it, you’ll be seeing a tour of it soon I’m sure! I’m sitting up here right now since I’m leaving my laptop up here a lot so that I’m forced to leave my bed/couch and come up and be productive. It’s clearly working so far!

This little shit wakes me up almost every single morning. I’m definitely not complaining though, there are few things I’d rather wake up to than this little face already purring and shoving her head into my hand.

Yesterday Rich had a day off and I had promised him pancakes for breakfast. Apparently, I took too long to wake up and he made me a sausage and bacon butty, and a cuppa, and bought it up to bed for me on this glittery tray! This is definitely in the mixture of the few things I prefer waking up to over my cat.


This is the final picture for this week and its definitely one of my favourites. I was freezing cold and in a very sad mood so Rich wrapped me up in blankets and put on Netflix while the cats crawled all over me and eventually settle down. They’re amazing at making me feel better and they essentially act as furry hot water bottles too, so I’m definitely not complaining about them using me as a climbing frame! Plus, look at their little faces! I just can’t believe how adorable they are sometimes, maybe they should be my valentines instead of Rich!



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