3 Reasons To Look Forward To Getting Engaged

I’m not going to deny it; just like any girl, I dream about the day my partner pops the question. If there’s one thing that us girls tend to fantasize about, it’s the day that our partner gets down on one knee and utters those four life-changing words –  ‘Will you marry me?’. A lot of people look forward to getting engaged because it means that you get to plan your wedding – the biggest and most spectacular party that you will ever throw. But not me, yes the idea of throwing a huge party is exciting, but there’s more to look forward to than that. Intrigued? Read on to discover the three reasons that you should look forward to getting engaged…


  1. The most romantic moment 




    If there’s one reason why you should look forward to getting engaged, it’s because of how romantic the moment will be. It’s the kind of moment that puts rose petals on the bed and champagne on the nightstand to shame. The kind of moment that makes a dozen roses, scented candles dotted around the room, and romantic music playing in the background, seem like nothing. When your partner asks you to be his wife, his eyes glistening with emotion, his hands shaking from the nerves, that’s true romance. He’s putting himself out there in the most nerve-wracking way and opening his heart to you – what’s more romantic than that? Nothing, that’s what!
    2. A beautiful ring

 Saying that a beautiful ring is something to look forward to about getting engaged might sound a little materialistic, but it’s honestly not. It’s not about the cost or design of the ring that makes it so special; it’s what it represents – the fact that your partner wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Don’t worry about how many months wages he’s saved for it – apparently it’s meant to be around three months wages which is a lot of money, too much money in fact – love it for what it means. Whether he’s picked you a gorgeous ring from a designer jewelers like Tacori, or he’s made the ring himself because money is tight, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is what the ring represents – the fact that the two of you want to spend the rest of your lives together. Some of the most beautiful rings I’ve ever seen have been really inexpensive ones or ones passed down through family, its really not about the cost!
3. Knowing that forever means forever

We all say to our partners that we want to be with them forever – but do we actually mean it and do they? Well, once he’s got down on one knee and given you a ring, forever really does mean forever. There’s no longer a question over the term forever, because you both know that it means forever. Marriage isn’t something to take lightly – getting married is a big deal – which is why if he’s asked to marry you, you know it’s for keeps. Sure, you could end up divorced, but no one goes into a marriage with that as the end goal!


This might sound a little soppy, but the moment your partner drops to one knee and utters the question you’ve waited your whole life to hear, your heart will melt, because he’s finally making your dreams come true.



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