Decor & Decisiveness

When it comes to taking on a task and doing it successfully, there are various human qualities that help with the process. Analytical skills, negotiating, the versatility to be able to apply knowledge in different areas. It’s also important to be decisive. You’ll have countless decisions to make when renovating a home. If you’re prone to second-guessing, this can become a laborious process.

Of course, just being decisive isn’t necessarily enough. Technically, anyone can make a snap decision. The ability to make decisions at short notice is only a beneficial quality if they’re generally the right choices. People won’t praise your certainty for long if your choices tend to be “scatter broken glass all over the footpath.” Or “Paint everything neon orange. Including the trees.”

In renovation, you can expect dilemmas to crop up on a regular basis, and need to make decisions with some crucial factors in mind. For example, how much will this decision cost? How quickly can this be done? Prioritising and balancing your needs is essential. Being the one who makes decisions can be a thankless task – but there are reasons to get over that and get on with it.


  1. Someone Has To Do It

Walk around the average homewares store, or browse online, and the range of choice available can soon become overwhelming. Paint or wallpaper? Steel baths vs acrylic baths? Tiles or carpet? You can end up with a list of about ten paint colours that you kind of like, not sure which one you’ll love when it’s on. But if you prevaricate over decisions like that, time can move very fast indeed.

You can spend time waiting for someone else to take the decision off your hands – or you can get it done and move on to the next. Let’s face it, you don’t want to be living in a half-finished project for the next six months, do you? Whether you go with your first impressions or narrow it down from a longer list, make sure it’s a decision you’re happy with.

  1. When A Job Takes Longer, It’s Always Obvious

A renovation that is done bit by bit over the course of several months has a way of showing in the finished product. When you have an overall look in mind and work towards it, it will look unified and have a smooth flow to it. If you’ve gone through three or four possible finishes for one room, you tend to think less about the overall look and more about just finishing. As a consequence, you may be left with a disjointed mess.

  1. Uncertainty Costs Money


It’s an unavoidable fact that the longer you leave a decision, or the less confident you are about it, the more money you will waste. You’ll try short term fixes, which will cost money to replace. You may have to do remedial work to correct a half-made decision that you instantly dislike.


If you think clearly from the start, then you can avoid this. It may take a little longer on the day, but a decision you spend hours thinking about, and are sure of, is better than one you make four or five times.



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