Clever Money-Saving Household Tricks

We all want to save money around the house, don’t we? And if you can do this while helping the environment, it’s even better. There are a few things you can do that don’t have to cost you a fortune. Once you have made all of these changes, see what a difference it makes to your monthly bills. All that will be left to do is think about how you will spend all the extra cash you have!

LED Lighting

Try replacing your regular old light bulbs with some LED ones. Make sure you know what type of light fitting you have before you buy them. Browsing some GU10 LED Bulbs online is probably the best way to do this. They will last a lot longer too, meaning you’ll have to change your light bulbs a lot less often. This can’t be a bad thing!

Loft Insulation

Millions of pounds are lost every year in the UK because people lose heat through their roofs. If you get some decent insulation up in your loft, this can save you £160 a year on average. That really adds up over the years.

Thick Curtains and Insulated Doors

You’d be amazed what a big difference thick curtains can make to your home’s heating bills. These help to make your rooms snug and toasty – especially during those cold winter nights (which hopefully won’t be around for too much longer). Another thing you can do is to buy some cheap stick-on insulation to put along the sides of your doors. These two things should lead to a warmer house and lower bills. Our front door has a pretty good gap along the bottom so the very first thing we did was put some draft excluder under it and we felt the difference almost immediately!

Lower Your Energy Usage

You can get an energy usage monitor for just £30 (or for free from some gas and electricity companies). Make sure it is somewhere that the whole family can see, like the kitchen. These handy gadgets allow you to calculate exactly how much energy the whole house is using. If you can see what you are using, you will be much more likely to cut back.

Switch to A Different Company

With so many price comparison websites out there now, there’s no excuses not to use them. It’s usually better to get both your gas and electricity through one company, as you will usually get a discount. Always check to see if you can get your energy cheaper every year.

Use A Water-Saving Showerhead

Your water bills are another thing you should be thinking about. Having showers is obviously the cheaper option to having baths, but it’ll be even cheaper if you use a water-saving showerhead and cut back on the amount of time you spend in there.

Buy An Eco Kettle

Only heat up the amount of water you need for your hot drinks. Some eco kettles use 30% less power making them cheaper and better for the environment. Think about buying the energy efficient version of other appliances like your fridge and your TV as well to save even more money.  



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