An Instagram Update

Okay, so I know this post is two days late, I totally know that, so rather than dwelling on it I’m just going to start posting these every Thursday. I think it’s about time this blog had some sort of a schedule so you know that at the very least, every Thursday will mean a new instagram update, though of course I will still be posting other bits and pieces through the week! Anyway, lets get on with it!


This one is from Valentines day! That seems like an awfully long time ago already doesn’t it?! We snapped this selfie in one of the museum’s on the dock’s since we were skint on the big V day, meaning free museums provided our entertainment. It was actually really interesting and I’d definitely spend another Valentines day going round some museums even if we did have money, it was actually a lot of fun.

Going with the Valentines theme, we found this rip off of the Parisian love lock bridge! Hey, go Liverpool for trying right? Feel free to ignore my super pessimistic caption, I actually totally want to do this with Rich sometime, it really is incredibly romantic.

Now my little upstairs office space is done, I spend a lot of time up there and with a fantastic view of the Mersey I get to see all sorts of boats going up and down. I have a slightly weird fascination with boats, I might actually write a whole post about it!

Now that I live so close to my mum, I walk up to see her a couple of times a week and this is one of the roads I walk up to get there. There are allotments and the Mersey on one side and houses on the other and, though I’m not sure you can tell from the picture, it’s actually a really nice walk. I put on my new boots (there will also be a post about them sometime soon, I’m in love with them!), put on some music and just walk and it’s so nice. It really quietens my mind and gives me some thinking time while knowing there’s a cuppa waiting for me at the end of it, one that I don’t have to make myself!


You didn’t really think you were going to be able to get through this post without seeing a picture of one of my cats did you? Jodie is, as you should all know by now, my baby, spirit animal and best friend all rolled into one and I hope you like her face because there isn’t going to be many of these posts that don’t feature her at some point.

A slightly different view of the road you saw before Jodie, these are the allotments I was talking about. I keep meaning to look into how to get one because I would love to be able to grow some of my own fruit and veg but my yard is way too small to even attempt it. I don’t have much of a green thumb though so I’m sure my poor mum would have to help me out a lot!

Just to finished off, theres a picture of my desk! I got some new pen-pals recently so this is the aftermath of writing to them, painting them some pictures, writing a song and reading a book….all attempted at the same time. I’m a messy worker and my desk looks like this more often than not. To me its pretty tidy right now but theres still a lot of junk on it!

So theres a little insight into my week through pictures. If you want to see them in near real time remember to follow me on Instagram. That was shameless self promotion and I feel a bit dirty now so I’m going to stop.



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