An Instagram Update

I’ve posted quite a lot on Instagram this past week so I’m not going to feature every picture here since it’d be about a mile long, but I’ll show you some of my favourites! Plus, I’m on time with this this week, are you proud of me?!

After storm Dorris, I was quite happy to see this mostly blue, not very cloudy sky over Liverpool! This was the day me and my mum had to do a lot of running around to get one piece of paper we needed, which we should have been able to get at the first place we went to!

When I was a kid we went to car boot sales most weekends, often to sell stuff though I’d inevitably re-invest anything I made into new books and VHS tapes, so it was nice to pop out to one again. There wasn’t much there but it was still a nice morning out with my mum and brother, and I got a few new vinyls.

I’m honestly still not sure if I like it. It definitely gives me more volume but as someone who literally never styles my hair, it has a nasty habit of sticking out in all directions. I think once I get used to it I’ll like it though. My eyeliner was also pretty fly that day, so obviously you can’t see it because of my hair.

One of my favourite things about Liverpool is the streets that look like this. I know plenty of people think its ugly but I love the way it brightens up the city and in a fair few places the graffiti is even Beatles inspired, which I love! It was nice to have something to brighten my day while I was having to take my poor babies to the vet.

And here’s the aftermath of the trip to the vets! They both feel very sorry for themselves, and I feel very sorry for them both, but they’re okay and won’t be having babies anytime soon, or ever. Jodie has already managed to break her cone, which is somewhat worrisome but she’s leaving her stitches alone like a good baby so I’m trying not to panic.


You know how they tell you to never go shopping hungry? Definitely never go shopping while hungry AND stoned because 100% the only things you will care about are coffee, pink doughnuts, and Gillian Anderson. Though I’m not sure I care about anything else while sober either if I’m honest.

So thats some of my week through photos, how’s your week been?



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