Sunshine Box Review!


I recently received a ‘Sunshine Box’ in the post for me to review and I have been waiting in pure excitement for it to arrive! Of course the fact that I’ve been sent this doesn’t change anything and this review is 100% my own, full opinion written in my own words. With that out the way, lets get into it!

The packaging is gorgeous, and the box is huge! I’ve gotten a few boxes similar to this in the past but this is by far the biggest and I think the packaging for this is the one that’s made me smile the most. As you can see both above and below, each thing was wrapped individually in sunshine yellow tissue paper and well protects by some bubble wrap too. The pretty quote on the box is a sticker that my mum peeled off with no problem and has put up in her room, which is a nice little extra I think, intentional or not I don’t know!


I know you’re all waiting for me to just get onto whats in it, so lets go! The first thing I pulled out was the pot you see in the picture below, it comes with everything you need including instructions, seed, soil and rocks for the bottom, to grow your own sunflowers! It also has chalk so you can write your own happy message on the front, though I’m quite a fan of the ‘smile’ someone else has written on and I’ll probably leave it like that since my hand writing is usually illegible.

The seance thing I pulled out was the hot chocolate spoons! I LOVE these things though I’ve only had them a couple of times, for those of you who may not have experienced this pure magic yet, its basically a lump of chocolate and some sort of enhancement, in my case marshmallows and caramel fudge respectively, and you stir it around in hot milk to create a delicious hot chocolate. I’m so happy about these because its cold and rainy today so they’re a welcome warm up!
The cards you can see above and below are also super fun, there’s three all together and each has an animal outline, a peacock, a rhino (or dinosaur? Me and my mum have been debating which since it came!) and a lizard, which is there to either be coloured in before giving it to someone or colouring in your self. I think these are great gifts for any friends that like colouring or a great thing to keep, and I really like that many of the things in this box would be great to either keep or give to a loved one to share the sunshine.


The ‘felted soap’ may confuse you, I know it did me because what the hell? But thankfully there is an explanation on there! There is soap inside the felt (which smells glorious) and as you use it the felt helps to exfoliate as well as helping to keep the soap dried out and thus last longer! I love this because I use bars of soap more often than any sort of shower gel but hate having to use multiple products just to feel clean.

Finally, the biscuits. This is where my review sucks a bit because I hate shortbread! Luckily enough though my mum absolutely adores it so I’ll be sharing a little bit of sunshine with her by letting her have them, and she’ll probably share with my brother too so that sunshine is getting stretched out!

If you want to get your own sunshine box just go here, they’re only £15! Thats a lot cheaper than every other box I’ve tried and, not to be rude to any of the other boxes, I feel like the products in this are much more useful and also able to be something nice for a lot of different people, I know my mum would be just as happy with this box as I am because none of the products are too limited to people of a certain age.

Just to end this review, I’ll say I would really recommend this box because it really is a little box full of sunshine and more than worth just £15!



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