Car Boot Sale Buying Tips

I’ve spent many, many years going to car boot sales on Sundays and digging through a lot (A LOT) of junk to try to find that one treasure that would complete my weekend. Thats gone from Barbie Dolls to records and home decor, but I’ve always been pretty good at finding what it was I wanted for a price I can afford, so I thought I’d give you five of my tips!

Get there early

I know you don’t really want to be crawling out of bed at seven AM on a Sunday morning, or even earlier, but its always best to get there when most of the stuff is still there. The best things sell first so if you want them, you have to be the first one there. Hey, it gives you a chance to get some early morning hash browns or something.

Haggle, but not too far

Haggling is all well and good, and it’ll definitely help you get things for less, but you need to really know what you’re doing. If you start off too low, you’re not getting the item but if you start too high you’re going to be paying more than you really want to. I tend to offer slightly less than the price I’d be most happy with, if they say yes I’m getting a bargain and if they say no I have something to rise up to.

Be Friendly

Car boot sales are generally pretty fun, and even if you’ve had to get up early and you’re not entirely awake you should still try to be friendly to other people, sellers and buyers alike. Not only are you likely to get a better bargain if you’re nice to the sellers, but its just nicer for everyone. I’m not great at this because of my anxiety but I try my best and I’ve made some great deals just from being able to build up a slight rapport with the seller.

Know what you’re looking for

It’s easy to get distracted by everything around you and spend all your money before you’ve found what you were actually looking for. Buy what you actually want first, you can always go around a second time to buy that weird santa head vase you saw before that you totally¬†need.

Enjoy it!

Grab a burger and a packet of biscuits from one of the stalls that always has cheap hob-nobs. Chat to people and haggle and have a bit of banter. Theres no point getting up early and heading out into the cold if you’re not going to have a good time. If you wanted an impersonal shopping trip you’d be in forever twenty one, the whole point of a car boot sale, outside of the selling and buying aspect, is getting out the house and having a bit of fun.



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