The Hirsute of Beauty: My Top Hair Removal Methods

I’m not saying that body hair is something I think about every day. But it’s hard not to give it some thought sometimes. I know that it’s something some people feel very passionate about, whether they’re in favour of removing it or keeping it. In my opinion, it’s something quite personal, and every woman (or man) should decide how much of their body hair they want to keep or remove. Some people want to be as smooth as possible, others want to go au naturel, and some do something in between. If you do remove any of your body hair, the struggle of deciding how to do it is real. Some methods are better than others, but they can also be more painful. I’m not exactly a fan of pain in the pursuit of beauty, but if you’re trying to decide what’s best, these are my recommendations.


Shaving is the way that many women get rid of body hair, and of course, many men use it too (although normally on their face). It can be a little time-consuming, but it’s pain-free, unless you accidentally cut yourself, and it’s not too expensive. But if there’s one tip for shaving body hair that I would give, it’s not to fall for the pink, girly products. They might say they’re designed with women in mind, but they’re also usually more expensive. Why pay more for products that are pink and say they’re designed for women, when they’re not much different from more generic products or ones made for men?


Waxing is another popular method of removing hair, particularly for more intimate areas. There are certain places you don’t really want to put a razor near. It might be a little painful, but there are also several benefits to getting a wax. For one thing, waxing lasts longer, so you don’t have to do it as often as shaving. Plus, even though it’s not too comfortable, it is quick. You can even do it at home, if you’re brave enough to use the home waxing kits you can buy. Most waxing uses warm wax, but you can also get a hot wax, which can be less painful because it doesn’t grab onto your skin as much.

Laser Hair Removal

More permanent solutions are preferable for some people. If you remove body hair regularly, laser hair removal can make it so that you don’t have to keep shaving or waxing. You just need to find a provider, like Court House Clinics, and it will take about six to eight sessions to prevent the hair from growing back. However, it is expensive, so it’s definitely not an option that’s available for everyone.

Hair Removal Cream

If the risk of pain is too much with other methods, hair removal creams work for a lot of people. You just put the cream on, leave it to work and then wipe it off. It’s a great solution for some people, although some can’t use it if they have sensitive skin.


I know it’s important to lots of women to have a choice for what they do with their body. If you want to remove body hair, finding the right method for you is essential.



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