An Instagram Update

Another week, another update! No big long introduction this time, we’re just going to jump straight in!


After getting her cone, Allie was having some issues getting the food in her bowl, ending up with it inside the cone only to be shook out all over my living room. Of course, my immediate reaction was to let my mum feed her with a spoon, which Allie loved. I think she expects all her meals like that now though and I can guarantee you that is not going to happen.

We thankfully live very close to a 24 hour tesco, meaning we can do our food shop at eleven PM when theres no one there, and use the self service checkout so that we literally don’t have to speak to anyone, and that’s the best way to do it.

You can see in his face that this was the seventh picture I took of them because I couldn’t, and eventually didn’t manage to get Allie to look at the camera.

Sometimes you just have to have a before bed photo shoot with your cat. Sometimes it’s necessary, I don’t make the rules the rules make me.

I am so ecstatic with how this turned out! If you want to see how I made it you should subscribe tomy youtube channel, a tutorial will be up for it soon!

I know, another picture of a cat? Really Dana? BUT LOOK AT HER. That little face and her little yellow eyes and her poor little stitch, she’s adorable, I can’t not take pictures of her when she’s this beautiful.

I know, when its not pictures of my cats, it’s either my own face or/and my boyfriend, but my instagram is essentially dedicated to things they love and my cats and Rich are definitely in the top ten for that!



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