To Office, Or Not To Office. Would Someone Answer The Question?

It’s an age-old problem – should you write wherever, or is it better to have a set space? It’s something that crops up again and again. Some people swear by having a set space to get stuck into their writing muse. It makes sense. We all know the struggle of not being able to carve the time out. People interrupt. The phone rings. Not forgetting the procrastination that hits whenever we sit down to write. So, having an office  in which you’ve blocked out those distractions can seem like the best thing. It’s also a good way to kick-start your creativity. In theory, your brain should get into the creative swing the moment you enter that space.

But, there’s also arguments against. The main one being that you become incapable of writing anywhere else. Some writers claim that a writing place is just another reason not to work when you need to. What are you supposed to do when the muse strikes in the middle of the night, as she so often seems to? One thing’s sure; she won’t be there when you call on her from your office the next morning. If you’re going to write whenever the needs strikes anyway, why have an office in the first place? Plus, it feels good to be able to pick up anywhere and get writing. It may not always work in theory, but the option’s there. If you train your brain to only write in one place, things could get difficult.

It’s something no one has a straight answer to, which can be frustrating! It’s the same with everything creative – everyone has their method, which they swear by. But, that doesn’t help when you’re trying to find a creative headspace of your own. If you look at the facts, having a set space works, but only if you use it right. It shouldn’t become a case of being unable to write elsewhere. It should just be a case of doing your best work when you’re in that space, if only because that’s where you get your head down!

If you are going to create a writing space,consider where that could be. It’s important not to be fussy. It might be that you slot a desk into the corner of your bedroom, or do you have a shed that you want to make use of? If you’re using an outside space, ensure that you have access to electricity! It’s also worth getting hold of plumbing and heating services. That way, you can’t distract yourself with a walk to the house whenever you fancy a cup of coffee. Let’s be honest; it could be the perfect procrastination, otherwise.

Other than that, keep the space free of major distractions. We all want to write surrounded by books, but that’s lethal. Without even noticing, you’ll pick one up and start reading. A few writing books should be all you need. Without anything else to play with, you’ll have to entertain yourself by telling stories!



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