An Instagram Update

Another week, another update….

This is another street I go up to visit my mum, and on this particular day I just thought it looked lovely with all that blue sky and just had to take a picture. Sky pictures are essentially my forte (is that the right word?) at this point.

I haven’t finished this yet (I finished the chocolate and coffee in about 2 seconds, just not the book!) but I feel like its made some degree of impact up on my life already. I mean, my mental health still currently sucks bad, but I’m being a little kinder and more patient to myself than usual thanks to Gillian and Jennifer. It’s a total recommendation from me, and I will post a review the second I finish it!

This is Daisy and she belongs to one of my mums friends, though they’ve been friends so long I literally thought she was my aunt when I was a kid. Dogs just 10/10 cheer me up and I love them all.

Some nights you just smoke too much and make too much cake, its just what happens. This cake was delicious by the way, and with the help of my brother we completely demolished it in one night (and a single piece each for breakfast the next day because we’re adults and there was no one there to tell us we couldn’t).

Whenever I saw the liver birds as a kid my mum would tell me ‘that means we’re home’, so it still sort of amazes me that I see them weekly. They give me this certain nostalgic, belonging feeling and its nice. I took this specific picture when we were driving home from the vets after the kitties got their stitches out, so it kind of marks the relief of finally not having to worry about their health!

The lens is super fogged up but honestly, I just think the water looked super pretty and I NEEDED to take a picture of it. Also, I finally have some tye-died clothes! There may be a post up about them soon because I can’t wait to show them off.



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