Life Is Better With Pets: Why Everyone Needs a Cute Companion

They’re cute, silly and provide us with so much entertainment and love- it’s no wonder that over sixty percent of households have a pet. If you’re looking to adopt an adorable little creature, here are just a few of the many benefits of owning one.


Humans are social creatures, and we’re all prone to getting lonely. If you live on your own especially, you might find that you feel a little isolated at times. Having a pet with you is comforting, they provide companionship without any of the stress of living with other humans! Let’s face it, you’ll never have an argument with your pet, or feel like you have to explain yourself. They’re always there, happy to see you and fill your heart with love in a way that’s unique to any other. Even if you already live with a partner or family, you might feel as though your home isn’t quite ‘complete’ without a furry friend.

You Will Get More Exercise

Having a dog especially definitely causes you to exercise more. There’s probably not much chance you’d get up and walk around your block for fun, but when you have a dog, you have to. Dog walks can be a lot of fun and allow you to explore places you probably never would have walked to without your furry friends. Fields, woods, rivers, they’ll all become regular haunts for you and your pup. You can even take them swimming at the beach, you can buy things like dog life vest for stand up paddle boarding– something fun to try if you live by the coast! You’ll probably also work out more with other pets too. Playing with cats, or cleaning out rabbit and guinea pig hutches can be a bit of a workout too. I know I spend a fair amount of time everyday running about playing or tidying up after my kitties.

You Will Experience Reduced Stress and Happier Mood

When you’ve had a terrible day, and life is getting you down, there’s no doubt that having a furry little friend to come home to each evening makes it a whole lot easier. Research has shown that pet owners are happier and live longer than non-pet owners, and stroking an animal can lower blood pressure and reduce stress. So having a pet is good for your health, as if you needed another reason to add a cute companion to your life! 

They Teach You Responsibility

Having a pet teaches you how to be selfless. When this little animal depends on you, you realise you’re capable of doing things you don’t want to keep them happy and healthy. No one enjoys cleaning up after their pet, being woken up early by them or being harassed to play when they’re exhausted. But you do it because you love them and want to ensure their needs are met- even if it means putting yourself second. If you’ve never had responsibility before it’s a great way to develop this- if you’re ready for a pet that is. Helping look after family pets is a good way to teach responsibility. And getting your first pet as an adult could help you to develop this further, which is handy for later down the line if you plan on having kids. While there’s obviously a lot more to looking after children, it’s useful to know that you’re capable of putting someone else’s needs ahead of your own. I thought cats would be really easy to look after but after having my own for three years, there is a lot more to it than I expected and as someone with depression, they drive me to get out of bed sometimes because i know i need to feed them, clean their litter box etc. and I think that’d made me much more responsible and less selfish than I used to be.




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