An Instagram Update!

It’s a day late, I know, but I’m trying my best I swear! It was my mums birthday yesterday so I couldn’t very well whip out my laptop to start writing this. I mean, I could have scheduled it but I didn’t think of that at the time so it’s just going up today instead!

I live in a part of Liverpool that’s close enough to Menlove Avenue and Penny Lane that I visit both reasonably regularly, and as the huge Beatles fan I am it’s always very, very exciting! I love living in a place where I have walked past the house George Harrison grew up in, or some of the first places The Beatles ever played and I will never, ever get bored of that.

My mum has a gorgeous wall mural in her living room and, like anyone, if I see a pretty wall I need to take a selfie in front of it, especially now that I’ve done myself a bit of a hair cut and am really happy with it. Both my brothers are sort of confused by selfies though and will carry on nattering away to me while I try to take them, which I don’t mind but it does detract my attention from finding the perfect selfie face.


We’ve been here a lot of times since I started doing this. The sky was pretty, a picture was required.


I took this picture of my mum while we were christmas shopping in town, so of course it was the picture I had to show off for her birthday yesterday. I just think she looks so lovely (like always) and couldn’t resist!

Two selfies in one post?! How terrible! I really like this picture though, and I’m really happy with how my T-shirt came out. White T-shirts are hard for me, I’m clumsy and within two seconds of putting one on, I’ve spilt something straight down the front. Of course, coloured T-shirts don’t change that, but its less obvious!!



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