The Perfect Bathroom

Getting style inspiration from the most stunning hotels and bringing it back to our own homes for a little slice of boutique luxury is a pretty popular pastime. One room which really is the spectacle of most beautiful hotel suites is the bathroom. A hotel can make or break depending on the quality of the bathroom and the same goes for your home too. So let’s take a look at how to get the perfect hotel luxury in your home.

Firstly, you need to ensure that all the plumbing is working the way it should. Slow draining showers or toilets probe to blocking are not going to create a relaxing, or pleasant smelling, atmosphere. If you are constantly worrying about drain blockage then you may as well not bother at all, so strip the bathroom back to basics and hire a plumber to take a look at your pipes. It is worth doing even if he says everything is ok, nothing is worth than finding you have a problem once you have fitted your beautiful suite.

Once you know you have a good base it’s time to consider what you are going to have in your bathroom. If you are working with an ensuite then you may choose to go with a wet room this way you will only need to worry about one major installation.  You will probably want a toilet and a small sink too. The wet room should be about the large, grand shower so it should be the centrepiece you work from. If you are working on the main bathroom in your home it is the bath that will take centre stage. Think about how much space you have and if you can have a freestanding bath or if you need a corner bath. Space is the most important thing here. You may want something that just won’t work with your tiny room. However do remember that most hotels have very little space to work with, they just make the absolute best out of what they have. Sketching out your plans and measuring everything up will ensure you can get the most out of your room.

Lighting is a really vital part of every bathroom, regardless of size or location. Most hotel suits use LED lighting to create really bright rooms, however you may want to consider going for something even cooler. LED light strips are perfect for your bathroom as they can be made completely watertight. This means you could run strips in your shower and hook them up to a wireless remote. You can then create some amazing colour combinations to set the mood, from amazon rainforest to a rich romantic glow, depending on your mood you can change the lighting to suit.

Finally when it comes to dressing your room, think minimal. Hotels rooms are usually very uncluttered and make great use of clever storage solutions. This is really important at home as you will want to keep all of your products to hand.

Lastly don’t forget to put your favourite bottles on display. Hotel luxury is about the handwash too and the best thing about your own bathroom hand wash is that you won’t need to steal it at the end of your stay!



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