An Instagram Update

So you might be thinking ‘Dana, you told us these were going to go up every Thursday and its Saturday, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?’ and the answer to that is I made plans. Thursdays are the day I spend with my mum and now most Fridays will be spent visiting my nan, meaning its way easier and less stressful for me if I just do this on a Saturday.


Mothers day was a lovely day for us because me and my brother both adore our mum and sort of team together to make sure she has a nice day, and my nan usually comes round too which is always lovely. It was sunny, I had a cold beer and good music.

It might not be everyones cup of tea but I really enjoy watching my brother fix his car. He’s so good at it that its just so fascinating to see what he’s doing, not to mention satisfying when he’s finished! On top of all that, is kind of a nice bonding experience and he’s so focused I can chatter away about anything without him getting annoyed!

I turned twenty. I am twenty years old. I am in my twenties. And I requested boiled eggs and soldiers for my birthday breakfast.

You’ve all seen Rupert before, he’s my pal that lives by the train station and always comes to visit me. It was the icing on top of the cake, so to say, getting the train home on my birthday to see his big fat face jogging leisurely towards me.

I hate doing the weekly food shop and quite honestly the only things that make it bearable are taking stupid selfies and thinking about what I’m going to be able to eat over the course of the coming week.

With Fridays now being the day I visit my nan, there is of course a ‘heres what I did yesterday’ picture. My nan spends a lot of time in a wheel chair while we’re out and about now and, as much as I truly love her, you’re not about to find me trying to push her over a muddy park to feed some ducks. The alternative is sparrows/idontknowbuttheyweredefinitelybird in a Morrisons car park. Not fancy or classy but still fun and birds are cute.

Finally is this fab selfie I took in my bathroom mirror of the T-shirt I wore on my birthday. Yes, its Thomas the Tank Engine with human arms and legs and ‘why was I born a train’ written next to it. Yes, I am literally TWO DECADES OLD.



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