Decorating Corners You Should Cut!

Decorating a room in the home is a huge project. If you don’t make a proper list and plan of everything you want to do you can end up with a lot to do and no time to do it in. The smart thing you can do for your home is to make your life easier. It’s not always advised to cut corners when you get started with a new room project, but there are ways to make it feel like you’re cutting corners when really all you’re doing is making your life easier.

A home that is tastefully decorated is always done with maximum thought and minimum effort. With these tips below, you can totally transform the look of the room you are decorating with as little effort as possible

  • Get out the Sharpie. It’s one of those tips you usually avoid when there are children around, but if you have a black Sharpie and a steady hand, you can revamp your furniture. Think plain white cushions becoming checked. Add custom graphics to your lampshades, sofa arms and end tables to create an edgy look in your home that is completely unique to you.
  • Fake a little architecture. If your walls are plain, there’s nothing like adding a little trimboard to create moulding in the room you’re changing. You get a classy, chic look without having to redo the walls in their entirety.
  • Bin the paintbrushes. Redecorating a whole room is difficult enough without the prospect of painting the entire thing yourself. Invest in aMagnum Project Painter Plus and paint the room in half the time. It’s not cutting corners as you’ll have a beautiful finish on the paintwork, but it’ll save you time, which is perfect!
  • Mirror the room. Mirrors tend to make a whole room look much bigger than it actually is. If you want to create that illusion of space, well-placed mirrors are your friend and if they are left without a frame, even better. Alcoves and smaller areas will be the best place to add a mirror so that you can reflect the whole room. Nice, easy fix!
  • Recognise the value in vinyl. Do you feel like your kitchen needs a revamp, but you don’t want the entire space to look like a building site? Your whole kitchen look can be changed just by adding vinyl squares onto the kitchen cabinets. Change plain white wood to a shocking purple and add small purple kitchen appliances to match for a whole new look.
  • Chic rugs make for chic rooms. It doesn’t matter whether you already have carpet down or you have a wooden floor, rugs make a difference. Hall runners, bedroom rugs and living room choices look beautiful and warm up the way a room looks. There’s no need to pull up laminate and put down new carpets when you get rugs cut for a living room.

Cutting corners with your interior design doesn’t mean cutting corners on how beautiful it’ll look in the end. Be smart about your décor choices and you can enjoy a room that shines.



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