Bidvine Website Review

I stumbled across Bidvine a while ago and thought it was a great site, so when they contacted me to review it I jumped at the chance. It’s a site where you can essentially find local professionals to do what ever it is you need. From cleaners to guitar lessons, personal training or even a personal chef, Bidvine has you covered.

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I decided to try to find some guitar lessons near Liverpool¬†since you’ll know if you’ve ever checked out my youtube channel, I play guitar but not amazingly and its definitely something I want to improve. When you start your search for a professional what-ever-you-need you are asked a series of questions to help you really find exactly what you’re looking for. If you look for lessons like I have been you’re asked about your experience level, what you want to learn and then more tailored questions like ‘What style of music is the student interested in learning?’, ‘What are your short term goals’ (and long term!) and of course you’re also asked when, where and how long you want your lessons to be.

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Of course, those questions vary depending on what you’re looking for. For example, if you were looking for a photographer to take some pictures it instead asks about what kind of pictures you want, where you want them taken and what your budget is. I know it might seem like they ask a LOT of questions but most of them are just a case of selecting the options you want and moving on, the whole thing takes less than five minutes and its a lot faster than asking around or searching through Facebook to find someone who looks not dodgy.

Once you’ve finished telling Bidvine what you need, you will start getting ‘bids’ from professionals in your area that would be happy to take the job, and you can compare these bids to basically hand select exactly what you’re looking for. These ‘Pro’s’ can also be reviewed by users to help you decide and you can contact them through the site, by email or by phone. I like having these multiple contact options because I struggle using phones due to my anxiety, so I think thats a really nice touch and could be useful to a lot of different people.

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There’s not too much more to say now really, Bidvine is actually really simple. It’s useful, easy and I feel its a lot safer than finding people via Facebook or Gumtree since you can see reviews and also contact them in different ways should you have any questions or concerns.



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