An Instagram Update

This week has been on of those weeks where it doesn’t feel like I’ve actually done anything but I’ve still somehow been pretty busy. This means I haven’t posted to Instagram as often as I usually do, but theres enough that you still get to see a bit of my week!

My mum is a huge Elvis fan, and I love him rather a lot too, so when I found this in one of her cupboards I knew I had to put it in her car immediately. It definitely makes it feel like my mums car!

I’ve bought a lot of plants recently and am enjoying having them all over the place, and so are my cats! Well, apart from the cacti that is, there have been a few sore noses but they’re starting to figure out that they should just leave them well alone now!

I wrote a review for Bidvine this week, and of course no blog post from me is complete without a picture of my cat. This one was so cute I couldn’t resist sharing it on Instagram and I do love brands that allow and even enjoy me using picture like this.


Me and my mum went to a family friends place for a BBQ while the sun was out and, aside from having a lovely time with them, their dogs are just too adorable to not take pictures of. Just look at those faces! I’m normally much more of a cat person, as I’m sure most people are aware of, but I have a soft spot for dogs too.

So there’s your little look at my week, how has your week been?



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