An Instagram Update

Another week, another update. No rambling this time, we’ll get straight into it!

This is my little window sill, and I love it. I remember where, when and why I got each of these plants. One of them was a house warming present from my dad when me and Rich first moved into our flat in November of 2014! Others are mostly ones I’ve picked up myself or ones from my mum, though my parsley was a birthday gift from my brother (which makes it even worse that I’m somehow killing it?!).

This picture only looks classy because you can’t tell that the sign in the bottom left corner Β is telling you where to park for KFC.

I’ve always loved digging through my mums vinyls, so when she mentioned she had a tape player I had to steal it! I love listening to tapes while I do my washing up and luckily my mum has great music taste so I’m yet to even have to buy any tapes myself.

I know its not the best picture but this little bird was just too cute! He kept flying off and coming back and he had the sweetest little whistle. I don’t know how so many birds land in and near my mums garden when her cat is always on the prowl, hopefully this little bird escapes her reign of terror!

It’s the twelfth year that I’ve sat down excitedly on a Saturday night to watch Doctor Who and finally (FINALLY!!!) I’m enjoying it like I used to, or at least I did with this first episode. It means a lot to me that this show that I’ve loved for so long now has Bill, a girl who’s interested in girls. Doctor Who has always pushed boundaries a bit but this is my favourite one, I feel like it would have really offered me some support had it happened when I was 12-13 and I’m really glad she’s going to be there for all the confused nerds like myself!

Thats my week! Not the most interesting I know, but its mine and I’ve enjoyed it. I hope you have had and will have a great week!



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