Jacamo Mens Clothing Review!

I recently had the opportunity to deck out my boyfriend, Rich, in three outfits from Jacamo and we jumped at it! Rich already had a few items from Jacmo so it was really exciting to be able to try out even more. We chose the outfits together which I really enjoyed since there were a few pieces I had always wanted to see him in and luckily enough he actually liked and wanted to try those same things. Anyway, no more rambling, lets get into the outfits!

The first outfit we went for was a sort of ‘comfortable smart’ kind of look with a pair of fitted tobacco coloured chinos and a simple-but-not-really white polo shirt. The strip of fabric behind the buttons is black and offers a really nice bit of contrast and makes this polo more interesting than it would be otherwise and the chino’s are slightly stretchy making them nicely fitted but not at all tight.

We’re also so happy with the fit of all these clothes, we used the size guide and measurements to help ensure they would be, but we’ve done that in the past and still ended up with poor fitting clothes. Not from Jacamo though! Well fitting clothes are so important to feel and look good, and the fit of these clothes from Jacamo really do that. The sizes don’t vary from product to product like I’ve experienced before, a 44 is a 44 whether its chinos or jeans and that makes the shopping process as lot easier and stress free.

The second outfit was super casual with a pair of indigo wash jeans and a black polo. The jeans, as you can see, are a little baggy but thats because Rich sized up because he likes that style. I’m not a huge fan myself but it’s what he likes and I have to admit, he still looks great. Plus, these jeans are really good quality and look much more expensive than they were. The polo too has a very luxurious feel to it, it doesn’t have that itchy woven feel that a lot of polo’s can have which makes such a dressed down outfit seem a little fancier while remaining really comfortable.

Many of Jacamo’s polo shirts come is different lengths to cater to men of different heights which is something we took great advantage of since Rich is always coming across shirts and t-shirts that barely reach to his belt. Having shirts that are actually long enough help him to look more in proportion and feel more confident knowing that his clothes are covering the places they’re supposed to.

The last outfit was more of a professional look with another pair of chino’s, this time in black, and a white long sleeved polo with a similar black detail at the buttons to the first polo. Rich has been wearing these to work lately and has had a few people comment on how smart he looks, and they’re a lot more comfy through the work day that his usual work pants are which is exactly what you want when working long shifts. I think this is my favourite outfit because I can imagine it being appropriate for a lot of people to go to work in but by rolling up the sleeves or adding a jacket it could also easily be the kind of outfit you’d go for drinks in, or to a nice meal.

Me and Rich have both agreed that we’re definitely going to buy more outfits for him from Jacamo, they have such a wide range of styles, good sizing and also a huge selection of sizes and options about length in both tops and bottoms. I think you’ll all agree that Rich looks really, really bloody good in these outfits and its so nice to see him have clothes that he loves for both style and fit.

What’s your favourite outfit?



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