Easily Forgotten Things You Need To Sort When Moving!

Moving house can often be a stressful time, I know it was for me. I’ve been in my new home since November but I think I’m still recovering from the move! After all, there’s so much you need to remember to do to ensure the move goes smoothly. And a lot of the time, we only remember the major things such as picking up the keys! Therefore, other important things often go on the backburner until a day or two before. But then it might be late to organise them in time for the move. Therefore, here are some easily forgotten things you need to sort when moving.


You need to call the utilities

It’s common for the previous owner to leave things like the water and electric running when they leave the property. After all, you can then start using it straight away when you move into the new house. But if you are moving into a new house or a repossession, it’s so important that you call the utilities a couple of days before you move in. After all, you might need to arrange for someone to come out and turn them on. Or they might need to switch it on from their end so that you can start using the utilities straight away. After all, you don’t want a cold home and no hot water when you first move in! And an extra tip; make sure you check the meters when you move in. That way, you will only be charged for the utilities you have been using!

You need to arrange a moving company

You might spend ages packing all your stuff. And then a few days before you are meant to be moving you might remember that you need someone to move your items. After all, you will struggle to get everything from A to B unless you have some form of a van. And if you leave it too late, you might not find anyone who can move your stuff on your chosen date. Therefore, make sure you arrange some form of removal company who will be able to transport your items to the new property. Not only then will it make moving day a breeze, but you can ensure your items get safely to the new house. I got let down and ended up having to find someone off Facebook ON the day of my move, so I think this is especially important!

You need to sort a call a babysitter/pet sitter

It’s common for kids and pets to get in the way when you are moving home. After all, they can often get over excited on the day. And then might get in the way when the boxes are being transported into the property. Or they might get nervous and try and get your attention when you are busy. Therefore, so they don’t get in the way, you need to arrange someone to take care of them before the expected move. You should call a babysitter or a pet sitter a couple of weeks before to ensure your little ones are looked after during the move!

And remember that as soon as the property has exchanged, you need to get on the phone to a home insurance company. After all, the property is now in your possession, so if anything happens, you will need to pay out for repairs. You can even look on sites like Compare the Market to make sure you get a good deal on your home and contents insurance.

I hope this helps to make your moving experience smoother and less stressful!



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