Feel the Romance in Canada!

Paris, Rome, Canada? Okay, so Canada might not be the first, second or even fifth place that you think of when it comes to romantic holiday destinations, but that doesn’t mean that it should be totally discounted as a place to take a couple’s trip. In fact, Canada is home to more than a few romantic locations, which are sure to get the heart strings fluttering.

So, if you’re looking to book a romantic break and you don’t want to take the obvious route of a weekend in Paris or a cosy trip to Venice, get yourself over to official-canada-eta.com, take a look at these romantic Canadian locations, and start planning the perfect loved-up holiday:

Lake Louise, Alberta

In the heart of the Banff National Park, you will come across Lake Louise – a clear blue glacial lake, which freezes over in the winter. In the warmer months, you can take a Gondola trip down the river, where you and your beau will take in fresh mountain air as you watch the seabirds fly by and the moose frolic in the distance. It’s the perfect place to share a kiss or two.

Baddeck, Nova Scotia

Baddeck is located in the centre of Cape Breton Island and is well-known for the Cabot Trail, which is nearby. If you want to spend a cosy holiday holed up in a cabin away from the rest of the world, where you can light a roaring fire and spend time reconnecting, you won’t find many destinations better than this!

If you do manage to tear yourself away from your cabin, you can’t go wrong with a romantic meal at the Bite House – an intimate 12-seat eatery where every meal is lovingly cooked with fresh, seasonal ingredients from the local area.

Bathurst, New Brunswick

What could be more romantic than spending the day on the beach with the love of your life? Not much right? Bathurst in new Brunswick is known for its pristine beaches and salty sea air, as well as its impressive French restaurant – Auberge de la Vallee, where you will want to share a plate of spaghetti with your other half, Lady and the Tramp style.

Hotel de Glace, Quebec

If you’re looking for a loved up winter holiday destination, look no further than the Hotel de Glace in Quebec. Constructed completely out of snow and ice and only available from January ‘til March, this stunning accommodation is the perfect place to cosy up under a blanket and watch the stunning Northern Lights., If that isn’t enough to get your romantic juices flowing, I’m not sure anything will!

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

If it’s quaint buildings, pretty views and treasure-filled markets you’re looking for, as you can see at,discovercharlottetown.com  you and your beau are sure to have a brilliant time in Charlottetown where you can read each other poetry from the shelves of Bookmark – a beautiful indie bookshop before taking a cruise from Peakes Wharf, where you might just get a glimpse of a dolphin, seal or even a killer whale, before ending the day with an aphrodisiac packed dinner at the Claddagh Oyster House.

Who knew Canada could be so dreamy?




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